Posted: Monday, 20 September 2010 4th European Month of Photography in Berlin

neunplus will be part of the 4th European Month of Photography in Berlin.

Mittelpunkt der Welt [Center of the World]
neunplus at galerie weißer elefant / refugium 2

This exhibition presents photographs by Nikolaus Brade, Piero Chiussi, Lina Gruen, Fred Hüning, Klaus Muenzner, Christian Reister and Mirjam Siefert.

Duration of the exhibition: 17.10. – 13.11.2010
Vernissage: 16.10.2010, 19 h
Opening times: Di-Sa 13-19 h
Location: neunplus in der galerie weißer elefant / refugium 2
Auguststraße 21 (VH 2. Etage) / 10117 Berlin / T 0049 30 28884454

Under the title Mittelpunkt der Welt [Center of the World], neunplus is showing individual standpoints which represent highly subjective images of truth. The works of the individual photographers of the collective range from intimately personal, biographically tinged themes to statements in which the photographers endeavour to fathom the midpoint of the world of others.

The photographers of neunplus are mainly based in Berlin, and in their different ways cast light on the urban reality of the here and now. Their stylistic range extends from street photography by way of documentary and poetic approaches to virtual pictorial worlds.

Check detail here (English) or here (German)

download invitation card / flyer (PDF file, 313.63KB).